Back to school blues? I’ve got the cure.

Everywhere you go right now, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that it’s almost back to school time. The advertisements annoy me to pieces because I don’t want to say goodbye to summer yet. You’d better believe that I plan to cram in as much fun into these last few days as humanly possible.

That being said, I’m headed off to the beach this week for one last hurrah with the family! But instead of burying my head in the sand, I’ve promised myself that I will embrace this inevitable transition and start preparing myself so that I’m not caught off guard come the first day of school. My oldest is heading off to kindergarten (oh my!) so embracing this big life transition is the only way to go.

Maybe it’s because I moved 6 times before the age of 9, but I happen to love transitions!

Transitions signal an opportunity for transformation and I’m of the belief that if we’re not growing and expanding, we’re literally dying.

Are you ready to make this transition with me?

While I don’t encourage you to jump into the deep end of the pool, I will say that now is the perfect time to start dipping your freshly pedicured toes into the water, and then go from there.

Are you a fellow summer-lover?
Are you feeling the pressure to get back into a routine but aren’t quite ready yet?

Here’s a round-up of our favorite Conscious Cleanse blogs to help you enjoy the end of summer while easing back into good habits.

Get back on the green smoothie love boat.

Plan ahead with this.

Get back on track with these tips.

Stock your fridge without wasting precious pool time.

Get the farm delivered to your doorstep.

Keep your cool with a summer salad.

And above all else – don’t forget to savor what is left of summer!

Now, I want to hear from you! Do you have the back to school blues? How do these tips helped you ease your way into the next chapter?

With love and conscious cures,


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