How to Rebound after Vacation

Everywhere I go right now, it seems as though women are stopping me, gesturing to their mid-section and saying, “Ugh, I feel so gross right now. How do I get back on track?”

How to Rebound after Vacation ConsciousCleanse.comUnless you’re part of our 80:20 Lifestyle Plan, it’s easy to feel the effects of too much summer fun catching up. You know what I mean – too much wine, less than stellar quick dinners, one too many ice cream treats. Eventually it starts to weigh you down, your energy plummets and the ol’ jean shorts start to feel a bit too tight.

Can you relate?

The Conscious Cleanse team has been enjoying our 80:20 to its fullest. We’ve very much been in vacation mode. And even though we love vacations, it’s easy to come back from a week or two away needing to hit the reset button.

Are you ready to bounce back from your summer vacation? Be sure to check out my Top 5 Tips for Rebounding from Vacation below.

Now is the perfect time to slough off those french fries (insert your favorite vacation indulgence here) and get back to your healthy habits.

And of course, our next live cleanse starts September 9 and there is no better way to start fresh than with a total 14-day Fall reboot. Get all the details here.

In the meantime, try these tips and let me know how you’re feeling in the comment section below.

Are you ready for a reboot?

How do you bounce back after vacation?

Be sure to leave me a comment. I love hearing from you.

With love and happy rebounds,


Top 5 Tips for Rebounding from Vacation

Hydrate: Ditch those sugary drinks and enjoy some plain ol’ h2o. Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces every day (ex: If you weigh 140 lbs drink at least 70 oz per day) and your body will thank you. Want extra credit? Jump start your day with a quart of warm lemon water!

Load Up on Veggies: Hit up your local farmer’s market for the abundance of in-season veggies that are bursting out of the ground right now. It’s harvest season, and eating those fresh veggies is a great way to help kick out the toxins that may have built up after a few weeks of fried popcorn shrimp and all you can eat buffets.

Guzzle Green Smoothies: Hop back on the green smoothie love boat today if that healthy habit has fallen by the wayside this summer. Use some of the fresh farmer’s market greens and get blending! Green smoothies give your digestive system a much needed break AND will help you tame your cravings fast!

Get Some Extra Zzzs: A busy social summer calendar can often rob us of enough good quality sleep. A couple times a week, go to bed one hour earlier than normal. The extra rest will add up over time and help you feel rested and energized for the rest of summer.

Let it Go: This is important – don’t beat yourself up for enjoying indulgences over your summer vacation. That is what vacation and the 80:20 are for! Let is go and move on! Pick yourself up with love and remember that your body hears everything your mind thinks, so be kind!

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  • Leslie

    Thanks for the tips! It reaffirms what I have learned from you both! I have been doing these things between my 2 indulgent trips this summer but haven’t lost a lb, an inch, or anything….quite frustrating but I also know it’s to restart the body, so hanging in there. It does feel good to eat good!!!

    • Jules Peláez

      Hey Leslie, Keep up the good work and remember that you could be going the other direction if you weren’t living the 80:20. :) Hope to see you on our Fall cleanse! We’ll all be ready for an official reboot!

  • Patricia Kohlhepp

    Jerusalem artichokes are in our market right now. They make such a delicious creamy soup with all ingredients that fit the bill – except I’m not sure about the Jerusalem artichokes. They are also wonderful roasted with other veggies or alone. I know the gas problem, but that does not bother us.

    Sooo – are these ok during the cleanse?

    • Jules Peláez

      Definitely! Yummy. Share a picture with us on Facebook with the recipe. :)

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