Yay, We’re Live!

Wow, it’s been a big year! I personally feel like I’ve birthed triplets! First came baby Rocco, the original Conscious Cleanse baby. Next came the book, The Conscious Cleanse: Lose Weight, Heal Your Body and Transform Your Life in 14 Days, and now the website! That’s a lot of babies in one year! I sometimes wonder how I got here and then I remember that my life is almost exactly the way I dreamed it would be. In the grind of daily life it’s easy to miss the big picture, to appreciate that actually every single thing that happens is divinely orchestrated for us and really we don’t need to worry so darn much. It’s all handled.

I bring this up because as I look back to the beginning days of the Conscious Cleanse, there was never any feeling of struggle. Certainly there was hard work but it was always fun! To me it literally feels as though this program was allowed into existence and amazingly enough, that is exactly how the book deal came to be (more on that another time), and how the book got written. My partners and co-authors (the lovely Jo and also the amazing Josh Dinar) actually laugh at me when I say “that wasn’t so bad” about the process of writing the book in less than 90 days. I felt the same way after giving birth to my sons, whom I had at home without any pain meds by the way! The point is that we can either go with the flow of Universal Life Force or we can struggle and swim against the current. To me, going with the flow simply means that we align with our soul’s desire and we recognize that we are co-creators of the journey. This by far my greatest passion these days –that along side of eating vibrantly, finding time to take a yoga class a few times a week, and learning how to balance the joys of motherhood with the thrills of running a (fairly) new business.

I know I can speak for Jo when I say, we hope you enjoy the new site and the new blog. It’s kind of a scary thing – putting ourselves out there – and well, we’re feeling it a little bit. We’re also learning to embrace what we preach, that it’s doesn’t have to be perfect, and there is no one way or right way to do things. So here we are! Please drop us a line and let us know what we can do to support you on your journey! We have a lot in store in the upcoming days, weeks and months. These are exciting times and we are grateful to share the journey with you. A friend of mine reminded me today of the message that Anita Moorjani shares in her best selling book Dying to Be Me. In her near death experience she learned that all we had to do was learn how to be ourselves – that was the point of us being here in this time space reality. And so here’s to allowing the unfolding of our magnificence together.


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