Thanksgiving Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving!

You’ve probably heard us say that food is never just about food, and in the case of tomorrow’s holiday, this is a great reminder. Thanksgiving is, for many of us, the feast of the year. It also symbolizes abundance, love, fulfillment, and of course, gratitude.


To be grateful is to embody one of the highest vibrations possible and the beautiful thing about it is that it’s nearly impossible to experience gratitude without being present.

Having a Conscious Thanksgiving is more than eating in good food combinations and remembering to hydrate. It’s about mindful eating and remembering to take time to pause, to savor the moment and appreciate being surrounded by loved ones.

Today we’d like to offer you a simple practice to take with you into this holiday season.

As you sit down at the dinner table tomorrow, take a deep breath and try to imagine everything that was involved in getting the food onto your plate. Pause to thank the sun, the rain, the farmers who grew the food, the grocer who stocked it on the shelves making it available to you, and all the cooks who prepared the delicious meal in front of you. Imagine the miracle that it took for this food to grow from a tiny little seed into its fullest form ready for harvest.

It’s quite astounding if you really take a moment to think about it!

Taking time to regularly pause and practice gratitude can lead to an array of health benefits including higher immune functioning, better sleep, lower blood pressure, less pain, more compassion, more joy and more pleasure.

When we remember to appreciate the simple things in life, we ignite a ripple effect into the rest of our lives. When you practice having an attitude of gratitude, what shows up? Be sure to leave us a comment below.

Have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving and thank you for being a part of our thriving Conscious Cleanse community!

With love and gratitude,



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