Tips for Traveling While on the Cleanse

“I would love to do the cleanse, but I have this trip coming up…”

“I want to do the cleanse, but I travel for work so much. I just can’t stick to it!”

If either of these statements sound like you, read on! This blog is for you!

You CAN do the Conscious Cleanse while traveling!

Seasoned cleanser and badass business woman, Heather K has generously shared her tried and true tips for cleansing while traveling for work.

Here’s how Heather does it:

When booking travel: Ask the hotel for a small fridge or to empty the minibar so you have a place to put cold food. Tell them you’re having a food service deliver the day you arrive and ask if someone can put it into the fridge before you get there (sometimes there’s a fee but it’s worth it!).

Before you leave: Cook a couple of chicken breasts, cut into bite sized pieces, and put into a ziplock bag (this way you can take a bite here or there if you need and not be looking for silverware or a plate). Pack raw cashews, apple, pear, and cut up 4-5 carrots and celery stalks to eat on the plane. I know they only allow you 2 bags, but if someone can walk on with a McDonald’s bag, you can walk on with a small shopping bag filled with food!

Find a local food delivery service: I usually find a Whole Foods that will deliver to the hotel. Order a few pieces of grilled salmon and/or chicken from their prepared food case, some green veggies, pre-cut broccoli, freshly ground almond butter, a banana for each day you’ll be there, and a few of the approved juices. I know it’s hard to control exactly how the grilled salmon or chicken is prepared, but it’s better than the fried chicken and pasta they usually have at these awful hotel events. Don’t forget to ask for plastic silverware or bring some in your bag.

Breakfast: Pack chia seeds and a small bag of cinnamon. Most hotels have the little coffee makers in the room, use it to heat up some purified water, and add chia seeds and cinnamon to make a “chia pudding.” Bring the pudding with you for a mid-morning snack.

Lunch/Dinner: Pull a waiter aside, tell them you have severe allergies, and ask for a plain plate to put your salmon and grilled veggies on. If you’re embarrassed about having your own meal, eat a huge salad from the buffet then snack on your salmon/grilled chicken from the delivery service later as needed. Also, I’ve been places where I befriended a waiter or caterer staff, looked at what they’re serving and asked them to break it down. In other words if they have chicken with a cream sauce, I ask if there is any way I can have the chicken without the sauce. One amazing waiter was serving little sandwiches and I asked for one without the bread. He came back with veggies and grilled chicken rolled into a thinly sliced cucumber like sushi. It was AWESOME!

Don’t forget to drink a TON of water: Throughout your trip, prioritize hydration! In a situation where you really don’t have control, choose 3-4 areas where you will not compromise, but go easy on yourself elsewhere. I NEVER have dairy, gluten, soy, or eggs while cleansing. But if there’s a salad with grilled chicken and nuts, I go easy on the food combining.

Happy travels! If I can do this, so can do you!

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  • Erin Robinson

    This is perfect! Thanks for breaking down the travel barrier.

    • Jo and Jules

      Hi Erin, We’re so glad you find it helpful! XO, Jo & Jules

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