Living the 80:20 in the Real World

One of our amazing and faithful cleansers, Heather K, is so passionate about her health and our new 80:20 Lifestyle Program that she offered to guest blog for us in order to share her thoughts on living the 80:20. Take it from her, she’s a Conscious Cleanse Pro through and through.

Thank you, Heather!

Living the 80:20 in the Real World

I’m proud to be an 80:20er…when I’m not being a 20:80er of course! After doing the Conscious Cleanse eight times (four really serious; four really “oh right! I’m on the cleanse”), losing 36 pounds and getting to the bottom of some pretty crazy health issues, I can honestly say that it changed my life.

My husband said something after a cleanse that made me realize there had to be a happy medium. I should mention that when I “do the Conscious Cleanse” I stay on it for anywhere between three weeks and three months! I was off the cleanse for the first time in three months and we went out for drinks. I am not a big drinker, would much rather spend my cheats on French fries and pizza and chocolate (did I mention French fries?), but that night we had an amazing meal and drinks with friends. My husband turned to me and said, “You’re so much more fun when you’re not cleansing.”

Not fun?!

Clearly, something had to change.

Then, as if Jo and Jules had heard my husband’s comment, the next week they launched the 80:20 Lifestyle Program.


My 80:20 is a little different than the standard. Because I found through the cleanse that I had some pretty serious food sensitivities that were causing a lack of vitamin absorption resulting in health issues, I stay completely off dairy and soy 100%, and I avoid gluten, beets, tomatoes, almonds, eggs and alcohol 80% of the time. Due to this litany of restrictions, my 80% includes things like dark chocolate, pork, sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash.

I figured out what was right for me after much trial and error, which unfortunately means me getting a little sick or out of sorts then having to get back on track. Since I learned so much throughout the past two years (almost to the day), I thought I would share the Top 5 Things I’ve Learned from the 80:20 Program:

1. Sometimes going all out isn’t worth it! The first few times I used my “20” I got so incredibly sick I had to stay home from work and didn’t eat for 36 hours. It was almost like food poisoning. It WAS food poisoning. Through the cleanse I’ve gotten so clean that my body has a zero tolerance policy for dairy or soy.
2. If you stick to the 80 it makes 20 that much sweeter! Literally. Your taste buds adjust to not having as much sugar, so when you partake in things like dark chocolate they taste super sweet AND you feel like it’s an even bigger treat.
3. There are some staples you should never give up! I still do a green smoothie and warm lemon water every single day. Even when my 20 meal is brunch I schedule it later in the day and I enjoy every bite of my eggs and bacon knowing that I started my day with a super nutritious green smoothie!
4. Eating out doesn’t always have to be a 20: At first I would find myself at a work lunch or dinner with friends and figure “oh well, here’s my 20” but then find myself later in the week with a meal I’d planned to be part of my 20 but now I was up to 30 or 40% of my week. I had to remind myself that impromptu meals out can still be cleanse-approved just like they are when I’m full-on cleansing. Anywhere I eat I can order a salad and grilled chicken so, Bam! I get to save my 20% for when I’m going out with the hubby and eating gluten-free, dairy-free pizza…YUM!
5. It’s important to reset often: I still look forward to the live Conscious Cleanse every time it’s offered. While I stay away from my core intolerance foods, I definitely find myself creeping from 80:20 to 20:80 over time. It’s so important to remember what 100% cleanse-friendly feels like and how happy it makes my entire body.

I think the most important thing to remember with the 80:20 program is that you make the rules. There are different options and levels and as Jo and Jules always say, there is no wagon to fall off of!

With love, chocolate, and green smoothies,


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  • Tara Kusumoto

    Love this — thank you so much for sharing! This is EXACTLY my issue; I feel amazing during cleanses, then slowly start creeping up to the 30/40% mark, then before I realize it, I’m back to indulging too often in “treats” that aren’t really treats at all — they just make me feel crummy. I’m bookmarking this to keep going back to and I’ll be looking more into the 80:20 plan. One thing I’d add to my list is Yoga. I’ve realized this past 6 months that having a consistent yoga practice is inextricably tied to my own clean eating habits; they each inspire the other. I turned 40 this year and one of my goals for the year/decade/life (!!) is balance. I think the 80:20 plan is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Here’s to health!!

    • Jules Peláez

      Hi Tara! Hooray for balance! Glad you had a chance to talk to Jessica, our health coach, about the 80:20. We’d love for you to join our community and look forward to learning more about what you’re up too as well. Cheers to 40…mine is coming up soon too! :)

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