Navigating the Holidays Consciously

The beginning of the holiday season is upon us. It’s hard to deny the excitement, but along with all the fun and festivities comes a real fear of losing track of our health goals.

We get it because we’ve been there ourselves! We also have some tried and true tips for helping you navigate any social situation while staying true to your vibrancy quest.

As you may know by now, part of the Conscious Cleanse lifestyle is living the 80:20, which shows you how to enjoy non-cleanse friendly foods – while keeping the yummy nourishing foods that keep you healthy and vital front and center.

So how do we apply the 80:20 to the holiday season?

Here is a quick guide to navigating your holiday fun without losing your vibrancy.

Above all else, remember why you’re doing this. This is the new, conscious you. The you that feels amazing inside your skin so you can share your love with others. By taking care of your nutrition, you’re going to feel more energized and healthier. Your clothes will fit better and your whole being will glow. Give yourself that gift this year. That is what the season is really about.

With love and holiday cheer,

Navigating the Holidays Consciously

Navigating the Holidays Consciously

Drink Responsibly. Enjoying a cocktail or two doesn’t have to ruin your 80:20. The main thing to remember when choosing your party beverage is the amount of sugar. First and foremost, select a drink from (or similar to) our conscious cocktail recipes. These are healthier options for many delicious drinks. Tag team each drink with a glass of sparkling water with lemon (even bring some yourself so you know that it will be available).

Move Your Body. This is the easiest tip because all you have to do is dance! One of the best ways to rebound from your 80:20 indulgences is through exercise. Make sure that physical activity still holds a place in your busy holiday season. And if all else fails, get up and start a dance party at your next gathering.

Eat Consciously. Holiday food can be full of foods that we don’t typically eat. Try to fill your plate with veggies and healthy protein, and allow yourself to enjoy a portion of something that is indulgent. Savor each bite and remember that you don’t have to blow your health plan over one meal. Better yet, prepare one of these healthy and delicious recipes to share with others.

Avoid Sugar Hangovers. You might find it difficult to step away from the Halloween candy because most candy and desserts are full of addictive ingredients. Make it your mission this year to bring one of our clean sweet treat recipes to share with the party. Sweets can still taste amazing without all of the extra sugar and unhealthy additives. Pulling out your sweet tooth doesn’t have to be the only option.

Enjoy the Party. Food choices can dominate your attention during the holidays but in reality, the enjoyment really comes from creating memories with others. Instead of concentrating your energy on the bar and buffet table, connect with your loved ones. Having a deep conversation or playing a fun game with family and friends can taste better than any holiday treat.

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