Healthy Holidays eCookbook is available

Ahhhh the holidays… Special time with friends and family, festivities, food! All of it makes us smile!

But let’s be real…the holidays can also be freakin’ stressful! If you’re not careful you could go on complete auto-pilot, pack on the pounds, reignite a sugar addiction, and throw out all the good work you’ve done this year.

To help us keep our health in tip-top shape during this busy time, we thought we’d kick off December by recommitting to our healthy routines.

One of our favorite healthy routines is to make more home-cooked meals. This one simple habit has had a HUGE impact on our health. Try to make 80% of your meals at home. And remember, not every meal has to be gourmet. Eat simply. Try a new recipe. Upgrade a traditional dish to a healthier version.

To get you in the mood for home-cooking, we’re sharing our Healthy Holidays ecookbook.

This is a collection of holiday recipes, including Christmas and Hanukkah classics that will make your holiday celebrations happy AND healthy this year.

Start to plant the seeds for your New Year now by committing to your healthy routine today.

What’s one healthy routine you’d like to commit to today? Reply to this email and let us know.

With love and holiday cheer,

P.S. – Download your free copy of Healthy Holidays cookbook here

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