Healthy Is…

We have a challenge for you today!

Imagine if healthy was a word to describe how you felt…the amount of energy you had to conquer a day, a peaceful night’s sleep. Opposed to plumped lips, six pack abs, and eating 200 calories a day.

Sadly the latter is the message our media (magazines, TV commercials, bloggers, Instagram stars) gives women about what healthy means – airbrushed, filtered, wrinkle-free role models that taunt us with their perfect hair and flawless yoga poses.

Much of what we see flaunts the idea that maintaining a sugar-free, gluten-free, meat-free, carb-free, dairy-free, legume-free, fat-free, processed-food-free, fun-free, calorie-free diet is EASY!

It just takes a little planning, no job, no kids, no other “real life” responsibilities, right?!

Is this the ideal that we’re all striving for when we resolve to be healthy?!

We don’t think so and that brings us to our challenge!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So imagine the impact of a thousand pictures. The ones subtly placed within eyeshot at every turn. It seems we’re shown a standard of healthy that is…well…unhealthy. And we’re out to change that!

So, what is healthy, really?

Healthy is NOT one size fits all. It’s as unique as each of us.

We created the Conscious Cleanse as a gateway to living to your fullest potential. We want to empower personal transformation because health is always about how YOU FEEL – not photoshopped images of health or beauty.

So, what is healthy to you?

You might say…

“Healthy is…loving my body.”
“Healthy is…learning to trust myself”
“Healthy is…embracing my power”

Is healthy drinking more water? Is it loving your stomach after having kids? Is it that favorite pair of jeans fitting just right? Is it running one more mile than you did yesterday?

Take a second and think of what it is – and now for the challenge!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: hold up a sign with your definition of healthy, have someone take a pic and post it to Facebook.

Here are the steps:

  • Snap a photo of yourself holding up a sign answering the question “Healthy is….(fill in the blank)”
  • Post to your Facebook page by Dec. 19
  • Use hashtags #healthy2018 #consciouscleanse
  • Tag the Conscious Cleanse (by using @consciouscleanse)
  • Be entered to win a spot in the January 3 Conscious Cleanse

Just in case you’re need some inspiration or ideas of what to post, here’s an example:

“I believe that healthy isn’t a number on a scale or the size of your jeans. That’s why I’m joining the @ConsciousCleanse in redefining what healthy means this new year. Join me by posting a selfie on Facebook and make sure to tag #healthy2018 #consciouscleanse.”

We hope you’ll help us in creating even a small ripple in a movement that is redefining what healthy is. Can’t wait to see your post!

Together we can change the conversation to represent positive body images of all shapes, sizes and colors, embracing our power, and personal individuality.

Let’s do this!

Your friends in health,

P.S. – To make things easy, below is a downloadable “sign” you can print and fill out for your post! Feel free to make your own too!

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