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We have a special announcement today that we just can’t wait to share with you.

We’ve noticed that as the world around us is opening back up it’s been easier to over-indulge. 

We’re collectively experiencing a huge transition right now with so many new possibilities in front of us (and just in time for summer!). Celebrating holidays with larger groups of friends and family, eating out again, traveling — things that were so restricted in the height of the pandemic are available again.  

For some of us, this transition may not be easy. As we adjust to a new routine, it’s normal to come up against more fatigue and emotional eating. 

We feel you.

As we look towards the start of a new season, with our kids going back to school, we know that now more than ever, it’s important to focus on our health and the health of our families.

With this in mind, we’re kicking off the fall with a group cleanse starting September 15!

We hope you’ll join us for 14-days so you can recharge your energy, restore your vitality, and balance your mood. 

What’s more, this month marks our second anniversary of our new Conscious Cleanse On Demand program.

To celebrate this anniversary we’re joining forces with our favorite local pilates studio here in Boulder, CO.  

For this September Cleanse, Bolder Pilates teachers, who are also Conscious Cleanse alums, will be teaching one mat pilates class every day of the cleanse.

We’re calling our September Cleanse the “Whole Body Health” Cleanse: 14 days of the Conscious Cleanse and 14 days of workouts. 

For two wonderful weeks, you will get to enjoy tons of real food, no allergens, and lots of veggies. You’ll have access to recipes for delicious green smoothies, snacks, entrees, and even desserts — all using fresh vegetables, non-gluten grains like brown rice and quinoa, legumes, nuts, seeds, and organic lean meats (meat is optional). 

This two-week plan is completely customizable for your individual needs. You’ll also be given an easy-to-follow workout for each day of your cleanse for a whole-body healthy routine.

This cleanse will give you all the nutrition guidance and coaching of the Conscious Cleanse, complemented by a series of exclusive daily workouts from Bolder Pilates. 

Bolder Pilates provides customized, stress-free, and fun workouts that change as your needs change on any given day. Their mission is to help you feel strong, vitalized and empowered in your body, and give you the tools to do everything you love to do outside the studio, with more strength, energy, and joy. 

Bolder Pilates shares Conscious Cleanse’s conviction that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. They provide a mindful, intelligent, and empowering Pilates movement practice that will help you up-level your cleanse experience. 

We hope you’ll take advantage of this extra special group cleanse!

Your Whole Body Health Conscious Cleanse includes: 

Guidance from Jo and Jules: We’re here to guide and encourage you through this program, with daily videos, regular coaching calls, and Facebook Live videos.

A Host of Online Tools: Your membership includes an interactive Wellness Evaluation, an interactive Food Journal to track your meals and share with a coach, a Mental Detox Journal to write in daily, and a customizable Meal Planner, which can help you stay accountable and measure your success.

An Extensive Recipe Library: Unlimited access to our ever-expanding Recipe Library of 400+ clean-eating recipes including sweet treats and Conscious Cocktails.

Expert Health Coaches: Our team of qualified health coaches is here for you 5 days a week to answer all of your questions and provide expert guidance.

Community Support: Through our private Facebook page, you’ll become part of a heartfelt community of people cheering you on to success. Swap recipes, tips, and make a new cleanse buddy.

*NEW!* Daily Workouts from our new partner Bolder Pilates: For our September Cleanse, enjoy bonus workouts for every weekday of the 14-day cleanse in easy-to-follow videos from our favorite local pilates studio, Bolder Pilates, plus gentle yoga classes from Jo & Jules on the weekends.

Year-Round Support: Our 80:20 Lifestyle Plan is your guide for maintaining your Cleanse results all year long. Get daily action steps to keep you on track and weekly emails to keep you accountable and inspired all year long!

Join us and discover just what your amazing body is capable of doing.

With love,

Jo & Jules

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