10 Signs You Need a Cleanse

Spring is officially here!

In Boulder the snow has melted, the ground is thawing and nature is showing visible signs of preparing for the big transition from winter to spring.

Cleaning woman happy jumpingThis time of year we often feel the urge to tend to our gardens, our yards, our closets and our living spaces. It’s a natural and healthy result of being in sync with the seasons and the world around us. And it can be very therapeutic to do so. Just think of how good it feels to clean your house from top to bottom with the windows open and the fresh crisp air blowing in the sweet smell of springtime.

But how do we prepare the physical body for this big transition?

Just like the brown grass and weed-filled garden, our body needs tending to. We need to excavate the residue of winter and reset the body back to a “new normal.”

Are your insides in need of some spring-cleaning? Let’s find out!

Check out our list below to find out if you’re due for a tune up. If you answer yes to any of these symptoms, join us for our next live cleanse. You can get the details for the upcoming program here.

Regular and seasonal cleansing is foundational to vibrant health. It’s like planting seeds now for the season of harvest ahead.

Check out the list of signs below and then leave me a comment. How are you not feeling your best? Are you ready to ditch the heavy comfort foods and lighten up before summertime?

With love and springtime cleaning,


10 Signs You Need a Cleanse

1. I feel fatigued, lethargic or low energy a lot of the time.
2. I have trouble sleeping and/or I wake up not feeling rested.
3. I have brain fog and am unable to focus.
4. I have pain in my joints or recurring headaches.
5. I’m constipated and only go to the bathroom every couple of days at most.
6. I have a hard time releasing extra weight.
7. I have bags under my eyes and/or a puffy face.
8. I have acne or other skin conditions.
9. I have irregular mood swings and sometimes feel depressed.
10. I have regular indigestion, gas or bloating.

Did you answer YES to any of the symptoms above? Join us for the next live cleanse here.

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