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I’ve had many discussions with Jules about whether to share my personal before and after Vibrancy Photos. And the day has finally come.

Many people have asked me what I looked like after I broke my back in a severe bike accident, but I worried that sharing the pictures made the Conscious Cleanse seem too much like a diet commercial, sensationalizing my experience. After much careful consideration, my desire to help other people access their best health has motivated me to share these pictures, despite being way outside of my comfort zone.

jo before afterIf you’re not familiar with my story, the short version goes something like this: In 2004 I was a nationally ranked diver and pre-med honors graduate. I had my whole life in front of me and I knew exactly how it looked.

I was going to be a doctor and help people heal.

My last hurrah before going to medical school was to lead a group of high school students on a 3000-mile bike trip across the US. On the second to the last day, with the end of the ride in sight, I was hit on my bike by a truck going 70 miles per hour.

As a result of my accident, I had a long recovery that included chronic debilitating pain, weight gain, and depression – none of which could be helped by modern medical practices. In fact, I was told by over 20 doctors that I would not heal. Hearing that message over and over and over again, only made my depression and pain worse. And of course, I started to believe it was true.

My breakthrough moment came when I decided to stop hating my body, when I stopped using food to numb my pain – both physical and emotional, and started to wake up to the realization that food could be my medicine.

For many years, even after I had lost weight and accessed a level of vibrancy that I didn’t think was previously possible, I still couldn’t look at photos of myself. It was too painful. I still was uncomfortable with the person I saw.

Today I’m sharing these “before and after” Vibrancy Photos because I can now look at myself and truly love and accept the person I was at that time. I can appreciate and see that I would not be where I am now without the pain that I endured, and the journey it took me to arrive at my big a-ha moment.

When we talk about accessing vibrant health in the Conscious Cleanse, it’s not just about having glowing skin and a slimmer physique.

Although those things are great, and I do mean GREAT, the truth is that vibrant health is an inside job. Vibrant health comes from loving who you truly are – perfect, whole, and complete just as you are right now!

When I look at my “before” photos now, instead of feeling shameful or depressed about the extra weight I carried, I see a the potential for the most vibrant being just waiting to come out. I appreciate my body and see all of the wonderful things I did with that body. I remember all the people who loved me and that I loved back in that body. I look at that body and see a person who was and still is very worthy of love.

When Jules and I were co-creating the Conscious Cleanse we both had our own personal transformations – distinct but equally profound. What became crystal clear to us through our journey, was the sheer truth of what’s possible for people when we commit to a process of slowing down and nourishing ourselves with wholesome food.

Will the 14-day Conscious Cleanse change your life? Absolutely! But the true work comes from the love and acceptance of the person that you are right now.

*Note: My full story is detailed in our book. Get the book and read more here.

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  • Lorraine

    Your story is truly inspirational! Thanks for sharing your photos too. It gives me great hope that if you were able to do what you did to get in the best health of your life after such an incredible accident, the conscience cleanse is then a true path to optimal health! I look forward to doing the conscious cleanse January 6th.

  • Danielle Leonard


  • Jeneba

    Thanks so much for this! My own story is less horrific but it is parallel. I was diagnosed a year ago with a thyroid and adrenal problem. It is a long road to recovery and I have had a tendency to mourn the person I was rather than look forward to the person I will be. ❤️

    • Jo and Jules

      Thank you for sharing, Jeneba. We wish you all the love and support for your journey.

  • Vita

    Jo, you look like a kind person in both pics! That is the most important quality from my perspective. You are, however, much tanner in the after shot! :) thank you both for all the work and love you put out there. I have done the cleanse a few times and it really helps. I’ve never lost weight but I feel better. When I try something new (like spirulina) I always reference your book to make sure it is cleanse approved and to figure out how to use it! I really appreciate you both!

    • Jo and Jules

      Hi Vita, Thank you for your kind words. We’re so glad you’ve had such a great experience with our cleanse! You can reach out to us anytime at if you ever have any questions or need any support. XO, Jo & Jules

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