Stop Chasing Skinny

If you feel extra pressure to be thinner this time of year, trust us — you’re far from alone.

From Instagram ads to billboards, the diet industry drives every campaign to tell us to get our body “bikini-ready.”

The most frustrating thing about this type of marketing is that it sets you up to be at war with your body. These ads push the message, “Do whatever it takes to lose weight and then you’ll be happy, no matter how harmful it might be to your health long-term.”

A great example of this is the Ozempic craze that’s sweeping the health world right now. Ozempic is marketed as a quick fix for weight loss, regardless of its potential impact on long-term health.

And let us be clear: We get it. We’ve been there.

Jo used to be stuck in a cycle of overeating and over-exercising. She exercised like a maniac every day, desperately trying to work off the binges of the night before.

Does this sound like someone who’s taking care of their body? Not even close!

Starving yourself, over-exercising, yo-yo dieting, taking diet pills, counting carbs, obsessing over protein… This is not the path to a healthy and happy life.

The Conscious Cleanse philosophy is the polar opposite of this, and our new 5-Day Clean Eating Program is no different.

The real path forward is focusing on how you feel, not how you look. We believe that health isn’t about chasing a number on the scale – it’s about having the energy, strength, and confidence to live your life the way you want.

And if you want to learn to love your body, eat REAL food that nourishes your body. The most powerful act of self-love is to treat your body the way you treat someone you love.

But it’s important to remember that adopting healthy habits doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a huge lifestyle shift that needs space and time to really sink in. Baby steps are the name of the game, not jumping straight into the deep end and hoping for the best.

The 5-Day Clean Eating Program is a simple fast-tracked step-by-step program that will help you reset your health.

More importantly, it will help you feel good in your body as it is right NOW. You’ll start to feel more vital and comfortable in your skin (and you may even start to glow!).

Weight loss isn’t the star of the show here.

You won’t restrict what you eat. You’ll learn how to build habits that work for you so you can live your healthiest life.

Ready to feel better in just 5 days? Join us for the June 19 program!

We hope to see you there!

The Conscious Cleanse Team

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