Introducing Masterclasses with Jo and Jules

Today we’re thrilled to share that we’re launching a new offering: A masterclass series with Jo and Jules! This will be an online series of classes where we’ll invite you to go deep with us on today’s hottest health and wellness topics.

Have you ever wondered if intermittent fasting is right for you? Or how to optimize brain health? Or how to supercharge your immune system? 

Learn about these topics and more in our new masterclass virtual classroom! 

These classes will be available to purchase individually but will be totally FREE for our Conscious Cleanse On Demand Members – yet another reason to join us!

Intermittent Fasting 101 Masterclass with Jules

Jules here! 

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to offer a course (except for maybe when we launched the Conscious Cleanse over 10 years ago)! 

I want to personally invite you to join me for our very first masterclass. For 90-minutes we’ll get together in a virtual classroom to take a close look at one of today’s hottest diet crazes: Intermittent Fasting

If you know Jo and I at all, you know we don’t believe the hype at all when it comes to fad diets or anything promising a silver bullet solution. 

Well, over the years, I’ve practiced fasting in all sorts of iterations. From drinking only lemon water and cayenne pepper for a week (aka the Master Cleanse) to taking on a 10-day juice cleanse in the middle of December (true story). I’m here to tell you that Intermittent Fasting can give you all the benefits of these types of extremely challenging types of fasts, while still being able to eat and enjoy the same amount of food you would typically eat. 

Hard to believe, and yet in this masterclass I’m going to share with you the extensive research I’ve discovered, plus my personal practice, and tips for how you can start implementing intermittent fasting into your wellness routine. 

What are those benefits now backed by years of research?

  • Reduced food cravings
  • Reduced hunger
  • Boosted immune function
  • Increased mental focus 
  • Metabolic flexibility (no more feeling hangry!) 
  • And much much more 

The good news is it is not all or nothing (why I love it)! It’s not about counting calories, fat or protein grams, or obsessing over the clock.

It’s about taking the same mindset of the Conscious Cleanse and tweaking this powerful tool so you can put it to work for you starting right away. 

Intermittent Fasting 101 Masterclass with Jules

What: 90-minute video-based virtual class (60-minute class followed by 30-minute Q&A)

When: Monday, May 10 at 11am MT / 1pm ET / 10am PT

Where: Zoom + Wherever YOU are

Cost: $45 per class (FREE for Conscious Cleanse On Demand members)

Be sure to reserve your spot today and I’ll see you tomorrow. 

With love, 


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