Confessions of a Conscious Cleanser

Brit StuevenWe are so excited to share with you this month’s Confession of a Conscious Cleanser with you.

The beautiful and talented, Brit Stueven has done the Conscious Cleanse a few times, with the most recent attempt in April. Read on to experience her fun-filled and contagious attitude as she learns the true meaning of living the Conscious Cleanse as a lifestyle.

Enjoy and learn more about the Conscious Cleanse here.

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Q&A with Brit Stueven

What inspired you to try the Conscious Cleanse for the first time?

I remember the first time Jo and I chatted on the phone. We were initially talking about how the Conscious Cleanse could contribute to an event I was planning. We totally connected, and I was deeply inspired by her personal story of how she found healing through food and how this incredible duo and program came to be. What was supposed to be a quick chat about gift bags and sponsorships spiraled into how we could work together. But Jo told me, “Before we consider working with anyone, we want them to do the Conscious Cleanse themselves. We want them to really believe in it.” I loved this. It showed honesty and integrity, especially when it comes to PR and marketing. Plus, I was ready for a reset and the Success Stories blew me away.

What were you most looking forward to and/or dreading about embarking on the two-week program?

I was looking forward to trying new recipes and feeling great. I was dreading no wine and coffee!

What surprised you most about the Conscious Cleanse?

The community. The coaches. I was so impressed the first day of the cleanse when someone personally called me to say they were here for me from 8am to 8pm every day. What?! That’s amazing support!

And as everyone was posting their questions and challenges in the Facebook group, the support and health facts from Jo, Jules and team continued to teach me something new while keeping me inspired.

In fact, it was the magic that happened in this Facebook group that inspired me to include this component in my own work. There are times when we really need community support and accountability, especially when it comes to making a shift in our lifestyle. We need people cheering us on. We need to know we’re not alone!

Did you have an a-ha moment that you want to share?

Well, I only made it three days of following the cleanse 100 percent. You can read more about that in my first blog post. But that was my a-ha moment. I realized that this experience doesn’t have to be black and white. It’s different for everyone. We all have different tastes, intentions, metabolisms, lifestyles and digestive systems…and the Conscious Cleanse really recognizes this. (There’s no way I would have gotten my husband to partake in dinners if it weren’t for the recipes for meat lovers!)

Plus, I realized that if I was going to sustain some of these newfound habits for the long haul, I needed to be gentle with myself. If I went balls-to-the-wall, I knew I’d crash and burn. I’m just not the type of person who can go two weeks (or, ahem, apparently more than three days) without indulging (in moderation, of course). That’s why I LOVE the 80:20 mindset.

Be honest, on Day 11 did you stand in front of your mirror naked per Jo and Jules’ instructions?! Do you remember how you felt on that day?

My closet doors are full-body mirrors, so this is actually a daily ritual whether I like it or not! Hahaha! I loved the instructions that day. I didn’t say anything out loud to myself, but I did make a point to recognize what I loved. Over the years, my inner thoughts to myself when I look in the mirror naked have drastically changed. There’s way more self-love happening than self-sabotage and critiquing. It’s been a freeing transformation, and I surely owe a ton of my loving thoughts to what I was reminded during both cleanses.

Do you have a favorite piece of advice from Jo and Jules?

YES! Two pieces. 1: Pick yourself up with love. 2: This is not about perfection. It’s about commitment.

What does it mean to you to live the 80:20?

To have my good health, wine and cappuccino, too!

What advice would you give to a first-time Conscious Cleanser?

Be ready for your life to be changed for the better! This is not just a two-week cleanse. It’s a way of life!

Get excited to connect with a community of fellow cleansers and encouraging, experienced coaches that will cheer you on and rain love all over you. Be ready to realize things you never thought could be associated to your relationship with food.

You got this. You will love this. And more fave advice from Jo & Jules: Remember there is NO wagon to fall off of!

To learn more about Brit Stueven and her new program, The Break Changer, a free, mini journey (10 minutes a day for 10 days) that aims to get people into break-taking habits, out of their comfort zones and refueling their perspectives in the process, please visit her website.

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