5 Foods to Fight Your Spring Allergies

I’ve suffered from extreme allergies my entire life. I used to dread the spring-time and the first sign of green. I wanted to skip this season all together, I’d rather be a 3-season kinda girl. The fact was that I was that miserable.

Over the past five years since taking on the Conscious Cleanse and learning to live the 80:20 as a lifestyle, my health has completely changed.

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This is a photo I just took at a May Day Celebration at my daughter’s school. I’m wearing a flower crown during spring and not one sneeze!

Since I’ve experienced such a life-changing shift in my health, I wanted to share some of my tried and true foods for keeping those nasty spring allergies at bay.

Check out my five favorite foods for reducing spring allergy symptoms below. Do you feel like spring kicks you in the tush? Come drop me a line below and share your story.

With spring-blooming love,

5 Foods to Fight Your Spring Allergies

1. Fermented veggies. Gut health is key in combating the spring-time funk. Just a few servings of your favorite fermented veggie can increase the good bacteria in your gut, keeping your immune system strong. Our recommended brand, Ozuke, comes from our friends right here in Boulder.
2. Dark leafy greens. Kale, spinach, chard oh my! Dark leafy greens contain quercetin, which is a natural antihistamine blocker. Our favorite way to incorporate greens is by drinking a green smoothie. Join the green smoothie revolution with us!
3. Nettles. Make your own nettle infusion to remedy spring symptoms. Nettles fight inflammation and help your body build up a tolerance to the histamine response, making it nature’s natural allergy shot.
4. Salmon. Known for being one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids, this wild fish has been shown to improve lung function. Breathe easy this spring with just 2-3 servings of salmon a week.
5. Broccoli. This cruciferous wonder contains high levels of vitamin C which helps to combat inflammation. In just 500 mg you’ll notice an improvement in your allergy symptoms. Two cups of broccoli contains 160 mg, so eat up and feel better fast!

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