10 Healthy Meals to Pack on an Airplane

With Spring Break quickly approaching, many of us will be hitting the airport. Naturally we thought it would be fun to share with you a list of our favorite airplane travel-friendly foods!

Navigating the airport for healthy food choices can be a serious, not to mention, costly endeavor. Our list below has lots of easy-to-find and easy-to-pack meals that will let you focus less on meal planning stress, so you can get onto the fun part – your vacation!

Check out our 5 Travel Food Commandments and the list of meal ideas broken down into a few categories so you can take the guesswork out of planning healthy food for your trip.

Have a great Spring Break. Stay vibrant, have fun, and be sure to share your healthy airplane meal ideas with us below. We’ll be posting our own on Instagram and Facebook too so be sure to stay in touch.

With love and sunshine,


Conscious Cleanse Travel Food Commandments

  • Start the trip with a green juice. Obviously you know that taking liquids through security is a big no-no. So that the good folks at security don’t take any of the precious food you have brought along enjoy your green drink on your way to the airport. Speaking of liquids and security, if you decide to pack some Beet Hummus to take on the plane, just make sure to keep it thick and pack veggie sticks on the side in the same container. It gives the illusion of solid not liquid!
  • Pack your own utensils. We are obsessed with these Bamboo Utensil Sets, and besides, nonmetal works best for security purposes.
  • Pack foods that are easy to eat. We all know how hard it is to move about on a plane so it’s best to pack meals that only require one or two reaches into your carry on bag. Your neighbors will thank you!
  • Pack foods that don’t need to be refrigerated. You may be away from refrigeration for the better part of your trip so plan accordingly. Eat the most perishable items the first day of travel. These days most hotels have a mini-fridge for storage as well. If you don’t see one, be sure to ask!
  • Don’t forget to include a sweet treat. By the time you make it to your destination you will be ready to celebrate. You survived the airport and ate healthy while doing it! A little raw chocolate or a few joy balls go a long way. You’re on vacation after all.

And now onto the good stuff. Remember, when you’re traveling, you may be eating several small “snacky” type meals, versus a proper meal. Be flexible and eat when you’re hungry–not just out of habit or boredom.

10 Meals to Pack on an Airplane


Individual nut butter packets with a banana or rice cakes.

Mashed avocado “toast.” Use Mary’s Gone Crackers for dippers.

Instant green juice.


Jarred or canned tuna + raw crackers or some spinach in a plastic tupperware that you don’t mind ditching once you arrive.

Curried Garbanzo Beans and sliced veggie sticks.


Salad from the salad bar at Whole foods or a local health food store.

Quick and easy Collard Wrap.

Beet Hummus with assorted veggie dippers and raw crackers.


Rawmio Raw Chocolate Bar. Be sure to pack a few extras!

Baggie of Nut Free Joy Balls.

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  • moving home

    Very interesting.

    • Jo and Jules

      Thanks, Moving Home. Let us know if you try any of these.

  • Dani St. Onge

    This is so great! As a flight attendant, I’d hold the tuna (it’s way too stinky and people can get really grumpy with strong scents) and anything with beans in it if they make you gassy. 35,000-45,000 feet can make people way more gassy than normal! These are great and I can’t wait to pack these in my lunchbox!

    • Jules Peláez

      Haha! Really good points, Dani! Thanks for your input. :)

  • Rae Lambert

    I’ve had good luck with taking a jar of quinoa, cooked in veg broth with some toasted pinenuts, craisins and fresh dill. It is light yet filling and odorless! I just eat it at room temperature.

    • Jo and Jules

      Love this suggestion, Rae! Thank you for sharing!

  • Mara Abbott

    If you FREEZE a green juice and put it in your checked luggage, it will still be cold when you get there… and then you can refrigerate it for your first morning on the road (or mornings, if you do more than one!

    • Jo and Jules

      Love this, Mara! Thank you for sharing. We’ll definitely try this on our next trip. XO, Jo & Jules

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