Zeal – Food for Enthusiasts

Today a new restaurant is opening in Boulder! It’s called Zeal – Food for Enthusiasts.

The Conscious Cleanse is ecstatic to have formed a partnership with Zeal to further our vision of creating a community of people committed to living a vibrant lifestyle. Blog Collage

For a long time, we’ve been dreaming of a place where we could go to have a Conscious Cleanse friendly meal, where fresh pressed green juice flows like water, where we could connect with other passionate vibrant health seekers and where our cleansers could go out to eat feeling confident they were making good, cleanse-friendly choices.

When we met Wayde Jester, the visionary behind Zeal, we knew we had found the perfect partner.

Wayde’s vision for Zeal, like the Conscious Cleanse, is to help people create healthy and sustainable habits. It’s about creating food from fresh, organic ingredients eaten in simple, yet delicious combinations. It’s about celebration and eating in a way that is a reflection of how you want to live your life.

We’re so excited to share that Zeal will be serving a full menu of Conscious Cleanse approved meals! We’ve been working closely with Zeal’s Culinary Enthusiast and Executive Chef, Arik Marcus, to create Conscious Cleanse friendly green smoothies, fresh pressed juices, nut milks, big salads, perfectly combined entrees, tasty treats and more. All you have to do is look for the Conscious Cleanse approved icon on the menu and you’ll know it’s allergen-free (did we mention that Zeal is totally gluten free, minus the beer?) and follows all of the guidelines of the Conscious Cleanse.

Can I get a woot woot?

In the upcoming months, whether you’re doing the Conscious Cleanse or not, you’ll be able to grab a 6-pack of juice for Purification weekends and even grab-and-go entrées if you don’t have time to cook yourself.

This past Monday night, along with some other members of our Conscious Cleanse team, we had the had the privilege of getting a sneak peak of what Zeal has to offer.

High on good food and drunk on fresh pressed juice, it was an exciting time. We’ll have more to share about Zeal, our partnership and how it will benefit you in the coming weeks, but for now we want to share some pictures from our evening.

Enjoy and hope to see you at Zeal soon. Grand opening is today at 11 am. We’ll be at the juice bar after yoga tonight!

With zeal and zest,


Zeal features Boulder’s only cold pressed juice bar! They have four juices on tap – green, yellow, orange and red. The red juice, a mouth-bursting blend of beets, apples and ginger, is by far the best we’ve ever tasted.


Cold and refreshing green juice in a wine glass! How much better does it get than this? In a hurry and just want a grab and go juice instead? No problem. They have that too. And soon, you’ll be able to get a 6-pack of juice to support you during Purification weekends of the cleanse.


Here’s Jo with one of our favorite starter “snacks.” Delicious and good for digestion too. A perfect way to begin a meal.


Culinary enthusiast and Executive Chef of Zeal, Arik Marcus is the man! He’s worked his tail off sourcing only the best, local, organic food for Zeal, combining them together in masterful creations. You’d never know the food was so good for you.

Kombucha Cosmo

This is the ultimate cocktail. Detox while you retox with this refreshing spin on the traditional Cosmopolitan. This one is for your 80:20 Conscious Cleanse lifestyle!

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