What is the 80:20 Program?

What exactly IS the 80:20 Program?

The 80:20 is a lifestyle theory for vibrant living that says we follow a consciously clean way of eating and living at least 80% of the time, while we throw any notion of deprivation out the window the other 20% of the time. 

The 20% is where we indulge in the foods, drinks or activities that maybe don’t contribute directly to our vibrancy, but that bring us joy and fulfillment nonetheless. 

At its core, the 80:20 is a lifestyle plan that puts you in the driver seat of your own life. Our experience teaches us that when you transform your eating habits and take charge of your health there is a ripple effect into other areas of your life. For that reason, the 80:20 plan is designed to keep you on track and feeling good when you’re not cleansing. 

The 80:20 helps you to be in control of your eating habits, not mindlessly indulging just because you can or because you feel socially obligated (looking at you, after work happy hours).

Instead, with the help of our coaches, manual, resources and your own cleansing experience, you can make informed decisions about what less clean food options you want to enjoy and when.

The importance of the 80:20 rule is one of the driving factors behind us deciding to create an on-going membership program – when you have year-round support and resources, staying committed to taking care of yourself becomes simple.

The 80:20 is seamlessly integrated into the Conscious Cleanse On Demand membership. As soon as your cleanse is over, you’ll automatically transition into the 80:20, and all the resources you’ll need will be delivered daily to your dashboard as soon as you log in.

Our extensive Recipe Library includes tons of amazing 80:20 recipes for you to enjoy, including lots of sweet treats and chocolate (our fave!), and many delicious savory recipes as well. Here’s a sneak-peek at one of the newest exclusive 80:20 recipes we’ve added to the Recipe Library, Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins!

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins

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