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If it wasn’t obvious from my baby green smoothie picture, I’m happy to let our wonderful Conscious Cleanse community know that I’m pregnant!

My husband, Adam, and I are so thrilled to be expecting our first baby in September later this year.

babyannouncemenetNot only is being pregnant, an exciting milestone in my life, but it’s another opportunity for me to learn about my body on a different level. I’ve definitely tested a few boundaries and played with my limits, through the nausea and all.

After being a green smoothie guzzler and green juice lover for years, I was shocked to realize that during my first trimester, raw veggies, green smoothies and my beloved juices made me wanna barf!

I’ve found that being pregnant has required me to tweak my expectations a bit and to learn to listen to my body on a whole different level.

After going through the ringer with my health for so many years, I had found a way of eating and living that has made me feel vibrant beyond my expectations. So as you can imagine, it has been a bit unnerving to play within a new set of guidelines. In the beginning, I floundered a bit, with judgmental thoughts like, “You’re not drinking a green smoothie, but that’s what you tell everyone on your program to do!”

But like the coaching I give our cleansers on their journey to vibrant health, I went back to the question that has guided me through all of my healing journeys, “What Can I Do”. And just like that, my perspective changed. Suddenly the world opened up to what as possible for me.

“What can I do” has been my mantra during this pregnancy.

It took me a little trial and error, but ultimately I found ways to be healthy and feel vibrant with this little one growing inside my belly.

DSCF7948Instead having a smoothie for breakfast, I opted for Chia Seed Pudding or the occasional gluten-free oats. Instead of my usually salad for lunch, I steamed or stir fried veggies. After being a meat eater my entire life, meat has suddenly become less appealing, so I’ve come up with new and delicious plant-based recipes, like the Spicy Black Bean Burger. To get my vitamins and minerals, I’ve also started to play with bone and veggie broths, which are power-packed with nutrients.

I’ve found a new rhythm of what works for body right now and the good news is that my smoothies have recently become more appealing!

As with anything in life, the only thing that is constant is change, so I know I can expect another new adventure when the baby arrives, both with my food choices and my blueprint for vibrant health.

For now, I’ll continue to ask myself daily, “what can I do?”, as it keeps me focusing on what’s working rather than the places I could start to judge myself and fall short.

If you’ve been struggling with any self-imposed rules or limits about your health, I’d love to ask you the same question. How can you focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do?

I’ll keep everyone posted as we get closer to the due date and you might even see a few healthy pregnancy summer treats on the blog. Probably ones that involve staying cool. Frozen fruit popsicles perhaps? Yum!

If you’ve got any suggestions of tasty cooling treats I can make this summer, please let me know in the comments sections below.

Feeling full of love and gratitude,

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  • Sarah

    Congratulations! This is wonderful news! September will be here before you know it! May you have an easy labor and a beautiful baby!

    • Jo Schaalman

      Thank you so much, Sarah! I can’t believe how quickly September is coming up. :)

  • Mia

    OMG!! I’m so excited for you!! I just had my first child in May and it proved to me just how amazing our bodies are. I’m now breastfeeding and considering doing the August cleanse but it’s not a decision I’m taking lightly. Suddenly caring completely about the sustenance of another is an important job! I’m just thrilled for you and wish you a smooth pregnancy. Drop me a line if you want to gab :). So happy for you!!

    • Jo Schaalman

      Thank you Mia! Our bodies really are incredible things, aren’t they? Congratulations to you, too! :)

  • Margaret

    Congrats!!! All the best in your pregnancy and BEYOND!

    • Jo Schaalman

      Thanks for the well wishes Margaret, we’re really feeling the love! :)

  • Amy Starr Allen

    SOOOOOOO happy for you, Jo!!!!! Congrats! :) xo

    • Jo Schaalman

      Thanks so much, Amy! :)

  • Alaine Capper

    So so very excited for your blessed event – life itself will take on a WHOLE new meaning….!!!!

    • Jo Schaalman

      Thanks Alaine! We’re really looking forward to a whole new world. :)

  • Sue Wang

    Dear Jo,

    Congratulations on the upcoming arrival. I remember those stomach-provoking days… Sounds like you needed some cooked food that’s ‘warmer’ for the body. You look wonderful and I love the ‘What Can I Do’ concept. Very empowering. Take care!

    • Jo Schaalman

      Thank you so much for your insight and your kind words, Sue!

  • Andrea@WellnessNotes

    Congratulations!!!!! I’m very excited for you, Jo!!!

    • Jo Schaalman

      Thank you Andrea! We’re so thrilled. :)

  • Jessica Raye

    Congratulations, Jo! The YogaDownload Team is so very excited for you! xoxo

    • Jo Schaalman

      Thanks Jessica! I feel the love from the YDL crew:)

  • Nancy Cyr

    Way to go, Jo!

    It’s all about learning to listen to what our bodies really and truly want in order to feel great. Congratulations! See you in the Yoga Pod and must say, you are looking absolutely beautiful!

    • Jo Schaalman

      Thank you so much, Nancy! It really is amazing what a gift listening to our bodies can be. :)

  • Pam D

    Congratulations! Loved this blog. It is a very balanced way to approach life when things don’t go as expected.

    • Jo Schaalman

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Pam!

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