Smorgasbord or Cleanse?

Yes, you can eat good food and cleanse the body! Most people hear the word cleanse and they assume a liquids-only juice plan or expensive, nasty-tasting supplements. But that’s not what’s on the menu at the Conscious Cleanse!

Take a look at what is:

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On the Conscious Cleanse you’ll eat real food – veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, organic lean cuts of meat and wild fish, beans, legumes and non-gluten grains.

Plus when you sign up you’ll get access to our cleanse manual complete with shopping lists, meal plans and 67 cleanse-friendly recipes!

Registration for the Pre-Holiday Conscious Cleanse starting November 4 closes on Sunday night so secure your spot here.

With love and healthy smorgasbords,


PS – Ready to cleanse your body with food? Sign up here.

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