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We’ve been hearing from a lot of our community that they aren’t feeling their best right now and are looking for a healthy reset.

We hear ya! This cleanse is more important than ever for us. We’re here to partner with you to revitalize our health together.

That’s why we’re super excited to invite you to join us for a group cleanse starting on June 9. 

Our 14-day program combines nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness to create an all-in-one wellness experience you won’t find anywhere else. 

We get it – starting a program can feel overwhelming, especially with everything we’ve dealt with over the last year. Saying goodbye to comfort foods like chocolate or potato chips can feel like the last thing you want to do right now.

But the wonderful thing about our cleanse is that we meet you where you are and help you modify the program based on what’s possible for you – no ultimatums, no wagon to “fall off of.” 

Just finding a personal blueprint for health that works for YOU.

We challenge you to join us and find out what healthy habits you can add in without any strict rules or restrictions – just doing what you can, respecting your personal needs, and listening to your body.

Our online platform includes great resources including a Meal Planner, Recipe Library, Food Journal, daily videos, and more to help guide you through your personalized cleansing experience.

You’ll also have access to real people, us (Jo & Jules) and our team of health coaches who can help you make modifications based on your individual needs.

Join us and we’ll help you learn how to make cleansing work for you. There’s not just one way to cleanse, there’s YOUR way.

The Conscious Cleanse On Demand includes:

  • Daily videos and emails to guide you during your 14-day cleanse
  • One-on-one personalized health coaching from Jo & Jules
  • Online Food and Mental Detox Journals
  • Custom Daily Meal Planner
  • Extensive Recipe Library with 400+ healthy recipes
  • Daily Video Workouts from Carrie Dorr’s O44 METHOD 
  • Yoga Videos + Meditations with us (Jo & Jules) 
  • A vibrant online community of supportive cleansers
  • Daily encouragement and coaching in our private Facebook Group
  • Year-round support with our 80:20 Lifestyle Program
  • Regular online video masterclasses with Jo & Jules
  • Brand new recipes, workouts, videos, and more added every month

Join us and start this summer feeling empowered about your health, with a deeper understanding about how to care for your body with love. 

We’re here to support you every step of the way!

With love,

Jo & Jules

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