Our Gratitude Lists (how to make your own!)

Happy Thanksgiving from the Conscious Cleanse! This is the season for gathering with your loved ones and reflecting on all the wonderful things you have in your life to be thankful for. We always make sure to take time to write down a Gratitude List of all the people and things in our life we’re grateful for this time of year.

Making a Gratitude List is a lovely way to ground yourself amid the craziness of the holidays and remind yourself who and what you already have in your life to be grateful for. You can even turn it into a daily practice as part of your morning journaling: Our on-demand program includes a private online Mental Detox Journal you can use to write your lists in daily, then look back on your past entries whenever you need a little reminder of all the things you’re thankful for! Making a Gratitude List helps you get in the habit of choosing gratitude every day, even on your most challenging days, to help you flow mindfully through life’s ups and downs.

Jo’s Gratitude List:

  1. My health. After losing my health several times, I feel grateful for having a body and mind that are whole and healthy.
  2. My husband and daughter who bring more joy to my life than I ever expected. And to our new addition (coming soon May 2020!).
  3. My larger family, who keeps me grounded, supported and rooted. I love you all very much.
  4. Hikes with my family and friends. This is my happy place – moving, talking, sweating and connecting.
  5. Nature, my quick pick me up. The mountains always invigorate and inspire me.

Jules’ Gratitude List:

  1. Three (omg 3!) amazing boys, who are the light of my life and my why for it all.
  2. A loving husband who gets me sometimes better then I get myself.
  3. Amazing girlfriends (you know who you are) near and far, you are my angels. Thank you.
  4. The best family a girl could ever wish for (can’t wait to see you all very soon).
  5. Long walks on warm days, green juice, and daily meditation.

One thing we are both grateful for: this amazing community! We are constantly wowed by all our Conscious Cleansers and health-seekers – you never cease to amaze us with your determination, commitment to your health goals, and support of your fellow cleansers. Thank you for being a part of this vibrant community!

We also want to give a big hug, hi five and shout out to our amazing Conscious Cleanse Team. Thank you Mel, Martha, Jessica and Marci. We appreciate the heart and soul you infuse into the Conscious Cleanse. The Conscious Cleanse wouldn’t be the same without you!

Now it’s your turn! Use our lists as a starting point and create your own Gratitude List. Make a list of 5-10 things in your life you’re grateful for. Need some prompts? Think about what’s working for you? What’s going really well? Think of the family, friends, loved ones, experiences, things you’ve learned, teachers or guides, achievements, physical or emotional health, opportunities – anything in your life you are thankful for! 

With love and gratitude,

Jo & Jules

P.S. – Want more support to reach your health goals? Learn more about the Conscious Cleanse On Demand here.

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