Mama’s Energizing Trifecta Smoothie

Confession time. I’m sleep deprived.
Completely and utterly drained.

For the last year, I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve slept more than 6 hours straight. It’s not many. But as my wee ones turn the ripe old ages of 1 and 3, I’m hopeful that a good night’s sleep is in my near future. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself!

In the meantime, I am AMAZED at the power of whole food nutrition and what it does to keep me running and feeling (most of the time) like the wellness warrior that I am!

The other night was a particularly challenging night in the sleep department but as all you moms out there know –  you pull yourself up, say good morning with a smile and you get on with it! This morning, with no nap in sight,  my life savior was Mama’s Energizing Trifecta!

bags of powder superfoods and raw almond butter

I whipped this up hoping for a tasty result (my first spirulina smoothie was hardly drinkable) and was delightfully surprised. It’s rich and creamy, dark green and delicious. But the really big surprise came from the sustained energy that I felt all day long!

The trifecta of energy boosters – spirulina, maca, and raw cacao – make for an epic concoction. Stay tuned for more on these life-giving super foods but remember, you don’t have to know why they work to experience the benefits today!

Check out the recipe below. Try it as a snack the next time you feel the afternoon slump coming on and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

One day I’ll write about the importance of sleep and the impact it has on our health. It is profound! For now, go to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal and I’ll do the same.

With love and green goodness,



Mama’s Energizing Trifecta

Yields 1 quart


Add all the ingredients to a high-speed blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy the energy!

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  • Amie Bervy

    What is maca? Where do you get it? Where do you find raw cacao powder?


  • Jo Schaalman

    That is such a great question Amy! We initially had the same thoughts. Maca is a plant found in Bolivia and Peru. The root of the plant is used nutritionally and is known for it’s ability to increase energy and combat stress. It’s a nutrient-dense whole food packed with vitamins, plant sterols, many essential minerals, amino acids and healthy fats. We use it in powder form to put in our smoothies.

    You can get both Maca and raw Cacao at whole foods or most natural grocers. Navitas Naturals is a great brand and if you can’t find it in the store you can buy it online! I hope that helps! We love questions, keep them coming!

  • Jenny Rothkopf

    So, if you didn’t put in the cacao, it’d be cleanse approved?

    • Jo and Jules

      Hi Jenny, You’re absolutely right. Just omit the cacao and the smoothie is cleanse-friendly. We hope you enjoy it! XO, Jo & Jules

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