Jo’s Easy Weeknight Salad

Hey there, Jo here! As a working mom and with the beginning of the school year already upon us, I’m always looking for ways to streamline weeknight dinner prep. That’s why I’ve developed an easy basic salad recipe that is a great go-to for those nights you have less than 30 minutes to put dinner on the table.

These are the veggies I usually make sure I always have in my house, but you can adapt it to use whatever you have in your fridge. You can use it as a side or add some grilled chicken, roasted chickpeas, quinoa, or any other protein to make it your meal. This recipe can really be an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of salad!

Do you have a favorite go-to weeknight dish? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jo’s Easy Weeknight Salad

Yield: 2 salads


  • 4-6 cups fresh spring greens
  • 1 bunch radishes, sliced
  • 1 cucumbers, sliced
  • 1 head radicchio, shredded
  • 1 bunch rainbow carrots, sliced


  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 2 TB champagne vinegar
  • ¼-½ fresh lemon, juiced

In a large bowl, combine spring greens, radishes, cucumber, radicchio, and carrots. For dressing, combine olive oil, vinegar and lemon juice. Whisk until fully blended. Toss the salad with champagne vinaigrette dressing or your favorite salad dressing and serve. Enjoy!

Feel free to add or subtract raw or roasted veggies based on what you have available. Add your favorite protein for a heartier salad.

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