Feel Fabulous This 4th of July

With the big holiday weekend ahead we want to give you some tips for how to take your health up a notch so that you’re ready for all the fun and festivities.

Check off the following tips for the next five days and you’ll be on your way to feeling fabulous for the 4th of July.

3 Tips for Feeling Fabulous this 4th

  1. Remember the basics: To look and feel our best, first we have to remember to lay a solid foundation. Drink at least half your bodyweight in water, get good quality sleep, exercise (a simple walk will do), and get some fresh air.
  2. Start your day with a green smoothie: You know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but did you also know that when you start your day with a green smoothie, it’s easier to make good decisions the rest of day? Focus on low sugar, low fruit green smoothies like our Fruit Free Green Smoothie or Lemon Blueberry Smoothie.
  3. Eat raw and living foods as much as possible: Veggies and fruits are quick-digesting, chock full of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals, and will fill you up without leaving behind a bunch of waste matter. Have a big green salad, snack on an apple or a peach, munch on carrots and cucumbers when you’re hungry. Keep veggies (especially dark leafy greens) at the center of your food universe and let protein or non-gluten grains be the side show. Eat more fruits and veggies than you eat any other food and you’ll be well on your way to feeling amazing!


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Have a happy and festive 4th of July!Love Jules and Jo

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