Conscious Cleanse Success Story

Over the past few weeks as we’ve been wrapping up another Conscious Cleanse, our inbox has been flooded with stories of transformation, a-ha’s and extraordinary results.

Tiffany-Success-StoryHere are some quotes from recent cleansers about their experience on the Conscious Cleanse –

Truly life-changing!
I feel better than I’ve felt in ages!
I lost 14 lbs and never felt hungry!
My cholesterol wasn’t bad at 190, but now it’s fantastic at 160!
I’m more aware, more patient, and more productive.

Hearing the excitement in our participants’ voices when they share their stories of transformation with us has easily become the most glorious part of what we get to do every day.

Today we are thrilled to be able to share Tiffany’s Conscious Cleanse success story with you. Her story is below, but as you can see, the pictures tell it all.

After you read Tiffany’s story, I hope you’ll feel inspired to stay committed to your health and vibrancy. We all can feel better and love the body we’re in. For more stories like this, be sure to check out the Success Stories page on our website.

Now it’s your turn! We want to hear from you. What results did you get on the Conscious Cleanse? Share with us in the comment section below.

With love and transformation,



Tiffany’s Success Story

I’m embarrassed to share these awful, no make-up, first thing in the morning pictures, but I’m actually amazed. I was disgusted with myself on day one of the cleanse (top two pictures). I could hardly look in a mirror. My face was puffy and red, and my eyes looked swollen. My entire body felt uncomfortable and foreign to me. I dreaded giving up my comfort foods, but I knew something had to change.

On day 14 of the cleanse, I snapped the bottom two pictures and I didn’t even recognize myself! Now I understand the “puffy factor” that you talk about. My eyes are so bright and big. I feel vibrant and new. No more puffy! Looking in the mirror has actually become fun.

I’ve also dropped 12 pounds and my pants are loose. Yesterday I shoveled my driveway – 100 yards of snow – and felt good doing it. My neighbor asked me how much coffee I drank and I joyfully exclaimed, “NONE!”

Now I can visualize a healthy me and she doesn’t seem that far away. Now I look forward to eating foods that will continue to benefit me. In the end, I know my body will thank me.

As this journey comes to an end… I’m determined to keep going! I will never look back!


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  • Heena Jain


    I want to reduce weight as well I want to cleanse my body as I feel so stuff whenever I eat anything. Infact those are very small portions.

    Heena Jain

  • Lisa Pennington

    Wow, that is AWESOME!! Congrats Tiffany. what an amazing transformation!! I wish you great success in continuing this new way of living. I’m inspired : )

  • Denelle Numis

    Go Tiffany!!! You look so vibrant…but I’m sure you feel even better. After completing the Conscious Cleanse twice last year, the 80/20 Rule is part of my daily routine! Remember, you are worth it.

  • Ira Vergani

    As a second time cleanser I can fully relate to Tiffany’s story. I did not lose 12 pounds (just 6) but the cleanse is not about losing weight (you will lose weight though) is about respecting your body and in the end achieving balance. It is about discovering what works best for your body and even your emotions. I always thought that I could not live without bread, crackers and starchy foods. I have now realized that I can and that I actually feel waaaay better if I stay away from them. I learned to really taste food for what it is, to enjoy the flavor of fruits and veggies and even start eating veggies that were crossed off my list. The second time I cleansed was just a few weeks ago, I decided to do it to detox my body and because I want to try eating the Conscious Cleanse way to improve my health, being able to get pregnant and ditch my thyroid medication. I am 100% sure that I will not need those if I eat the Conscious Cleanse way. I am forever thankful to Jo and Jules because I am right in the middle of a life changing process. I have continued eating this way, I feel energized, with amazing mood, never hungry and happy that I can indulge in some things to live a balanced life.

    • Julie Peláez

      Congratulations Ira! Well said all the way around.

  • Alisa Goldschmidt

    Congrats Tiffany – you look amazing and have inspired me to give it a try the next time. I admit my hesitation is giving up dairy and carbs – my 2 favorite things. But seeing your pictures after just 2 weeks is very compelling. Thanks for sharing!

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