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This is a bit of a left turn from the blog posts you typically see from us and there’s a good reason for it!

We’re up to something new (but actually a long time in the making) and we’re very excited to share it with you today!

Drum roll please!

We’re SO excited to tell you that our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign is LIVE!

Indiegogo Video Image

Five years ago we were sitting in a circle with about 10 people at the Yoga Pod Boulder.

We had a 1-page manual, a blender, and a mission to make a difference.

From our grassroots beginnings it only makes sense that we turn to YOU, our amazing community to help us bring our vision to the next level.

What’s that vision you ask?

To create the Conscious Cleanse On Demand – a subscription model with an automated, video-based membership that people can access anytime and anywhere, and get the support to match it year round!

  • Will we still have seasonal start dates and group programs?  YES!
  • Will you continue to get the same level of personalized attention?  YES!
  • Will you get year-round support in between cleanses?  YES!

The Conscious Cleanse On Demand will take everything that you know and love about our current program and make it better.


Please come check out all the never-seen-before Conscious Cleanse goodies (ie-what you get when you contribute to our campaign!) and share this with the ones you love via email and social media!

From our humble beginnings we’re now up to 50,000 Conscious Cleansers worldwide and counting, and we’re only getting started!

We’ve made it this far because of YOU and together we can continue to create a ripple effect so that access to vibrant health is easy!

Watch the video NOW and leave us a comment below. Are you ready to vote with your dollars, to make vibrant health accessible to everyone?!

We’re in this together and together we can make a big difference!

Thank you for your support!

With love and gratitude,


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