6 Signs You Need a Detox

How do I know if my body needs a detox? This is one of the questions we get all the time, and the truth is your body may be screaming out to you in the form of unwanted symptoms all the time. So let’s take a closer look.

First and foremost, think about the last time you cleaned your house or car. We’re guessing it’s been within the last month or two. What about your yard or garage? Sometime in the last year or maybe at the change of the season?

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We clean our house, our car, the garage, the yard. But what about the body? Sure, we clean our teeth, we wash our hair, but what about cleaning out our insides? The body has a built-in self-cleaning mechanism, but it’s no match for the amount of toxic chemicals we’re exposed to in our modern world – food-based chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, water pollutants, mold, parasites, EMFs, radiation, heavy metals, GMO foods, pesticides, the list goes on and on. Add to this the fact that 9 out of 10 people are living with food allergies or sensitivities, and you wind up with one overloaded system.

Does your body need a detox? Read on to find out!

The following symptoms are all sure signs that your body is due for a tune up.  

Here are the top 6 signs you need a detox:

  1. I feel fatigued and low energy a lot of the time and/or I have trouble sleeping.
  2. I have brain fog and am unable to focus.
  3. I have pain in my joints or recurring headaches.
  4. I have a hard time releasing extra weight.
  5. I have regular indigestion, gas, or bloating.
  6. I get sick all the time or have seasonal allergies.

Did you answer YES to any of the symptoms above? Don’t worry. There is a simple solution!

Your body is designed to naturally detox, but when it’s burdened by toxic overload, it needs a little help from you. By removing processed foods and common allergens from your diet, and eating clean, whole foods like dark leafy greens, lean meats, and whole non-gluten grains, your body is able to release those extra toxins and lower the inflammation causing your symptoms so you can start to feel better.

This is why it’s so important to cleanse frequently!

Ready to start planning your next detox?

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With love and fresh starts,

Jo & Jules

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