How to take a break from alcohol without missing out.

Alcohol has become entrenched in almost every social experience – from after-work happy hours to family gatherings and holidays, to even just a date night out, wine, beer, spirits, and cocktails are all a large part of our lives.

Unfortunately, all types of alcohol will poison your cells and interfere with detoxification. Before drinking, think about how the alcohol will make you feel (apart from the buzz)? Are you drinking because you want to, or because you feel socially obligated to?

We challenge you to take a week-long, or even a month-long break from all types of alcohol and see how you feel.

That’s why we’ve created a cookbook full of our favorite mocktail recipes just for you! These tasty drinks are full of flavor without the booze, and will give you something nice to sip on when you have a craving for a cocktail or other alcoholic drinks.

That being said, we believe that a conscious cocktail can have its place in a healthy eater’s life from time to time. If you do choose to drink, how do you pick your alcohol consciously? When it comes to alcohol, it’s important to have a plan. Before hitting happy hour, consider how you can best prepare your body for a few drinks and then make a choice based on how your unique body responds to different types of alcohol.

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With love and conscious mocktails,

Jo & Jules