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Dairy as a health food has been making a comeback lately. There are many health trends, like the keto diet, where dairy is no longer off limits. Dairy-based foods such as whey protein powder, kefir, and greek yogurt are frequently marketed as “healthy” foods. And many people believe that they are healthy.

But here’s why this comeback could be bad news.

The reality is that most people can’t process dairy. Dairy is one of the top 8 most common allergens. No matter how “good for you” a particular dairy product is, if you have a dairy allergy or sensitivity, it could still be causing inflammation or other health problems. Many people misidentify a dairy allergy as lactose intolerance, and try to take supplements to help their body digest the enzyme when really they are having an allergic reaction to dairy itself.

If your health or weight isn’t where you’d like it to be and dairy is a part of your diet, we’d love for you to join us for a free call.

It can be hard to determine if you have a dairy allergy or sensitivity. Blood tests aren’t 100% accurate. And there is a ton of conflicting nutrition advice out there. But we’re here to clear it up.

In this call, we will cover:

  • Common misconceptions about dairy allergies or sensitivities
  • Signs and symptoms of a dairy allergy or sensitivity
  • Our favorite dairy-free alternative foods
  • Next steps for someone looking to eliminate dairy

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