About Marilee:

Jo met Marilee at a women’s wellness conference and immediately fell in love! Because of Jo’s chemical sensitivities as a child and her mother’s mission to help her heal, she felt a connection to Marilee’s story and knew her message was something the Conscious Cleanse community needed to hear.

Marilee began studying how chemical exposures and the environment impact health after her then 10-year-old son son was exposed to high levels of pesticides, leaving him extremely chemically sensitive. These experiences resulted in a strong commitment to help others with chronic illness and were the impetus for the creation of “The House Doctors” and the Branch Basics brand of non-toxic cleaners.

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Does that one all-purpose cleaner make your eyes and throat sting? Do you get a get a headache when doing laundry? Is your child’s skin incredibly dry and you can’t figure out why? Do have a hard time breathing when going to your favorite home retail stores? These are common reactions to indoor air pollution.

Air pollution is something we live with daily and takes tremendous toll on our bodies. Fortunately, indoor air pollution can be improved.

Join us as we interview Marilee Nelson, founder of Branch Basics, on how find hidden toxins in your home and breathe easier.

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